Rick Lagina collaborated with his brother, Marty Lagina, and formed a power-packed force that has taken the reality TV by storm. It is evident that Rick has paved a noble career path for him with the sufficient TV exposure. His career achievements entice the audiences to have a closer glance at his life behind the screen. He grew up in his hometown of Kingsford, Dickinson County, alongside his beautiful family. Rick is 66 years of age and carries American nationality. His parents died in Rick shared a wonderful childhood with his brother, Marty Lagina, and his sister, Matina Lagina.

Marty is famous for his TV appearance and has served as a petroleum engineer before. Rick began his career serving as a United States postal worker. The show first aired on 5 January For his tremendous work as a reality television personality, Rick Lagina enjoys commanding earnings. The reality series airing on the History Channel is all about the Lagina brothers, who are the producers as well as the stars.

The Island, which is situated in Nova Scotia, Canada, has been the subject of mystery since Wife, Family, Net Worth Details. The Curse of Oak Island completed its fifth season on 6 March Its fifth season premiered on 7 Novemberwith the sad news reading that Drake, the brother and best friend of fellow Oak Island star Jack Begley, dies at the age of The teenager, who previously made an appearance on the show, passed away following a seizure condition in March Rising from the sad news, Rick and his team continue to dig deep in solving the mystery of the Oak Island.

rick lagina wiki

Rick Lagina has made a name for himself with his tremendous work as a producer and star in The Curse of Oak Island. However, excluding his professional charisma for a while, Rick never cares to venture on his mysterious life behind the camera lenses. Despite amassing a compelling recognition, the veteran TV personality has never mentioned whether he is married or single in public.

The Lagina's family belongs to Kingsford, Northern Michigan.People will find a way when they have the sheer will. With the passion of treasure hunting and becoming a treasure tracker, Rick Lagina has been in the most demanding prime location of the Oak Island to survive the impossibilities and challenge any circumstances. Rick Lagina had an interest in the treasure of Oak Island since he was twelve years old. The article made them even more curious about the island and the legends surrounding it.

Before finding the treasury and the facts of Oak Island, Rick was a retired postal worker. He spent his time in investigating and exposing the alternatives in the treasure of Oak Island. The acre land located off of Novia Scotia in Canada has created quite a buzz of a mysterious hunt since The Lagina brothers have used their expertise in search on the three central areas of the Oak Island where the treasure is hidden.

If the reports are accurate, many people have encountered death as the result of some strange poison gas present on the site. Zena Halpern, who served as a researcher and featured on The Curse of Oak Island, died in early After several months, her death's news came into highlight as The Curse in the Oak Island paid tribute through social media.

She introduced the map of the fourteenth century which linked the Knight Templars back in the fourth season. Along with fame and followers, he has been able to garner enough fortune from the show. In contrary to his career, the personal life of Rick is stagnant and away from the media. Rick has maintained privacy about his marital status, leaving people to wonder whether or not he is married? Still, many viewers are keen to know whether or not there is someone who he calls his wife beyond the screen.

Chances exist that Rick might be in a relationship with someone or is already a married man, but nothing can be commented until he reveals it himself. He belongs to the white ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

Rick was born to George Jacob Lagina and his wife, Ann Lagina who raised him along with his three siblings. The former U. Published contents by users are under Creative Commons License. Who Is Mark Giangreco's Wife? Married Life, Salary, Retirement Plans.He not only has bliss in his career but, even in his personal life as he is happily married to his wife with whom he shares two children. Marty was born on 26 August in Kingsford, Michigan, and ages 62 years currently.

He grew up with his brother, Rick Lagina, and sister, Matina Lagina.

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Marty graduated from Michigan Technological University and earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in as per wiki. Inhe attended Law School at the University of Michigan, where he did consulting work for engineering companies. Marty founded Terra Energy Ltd. His company became a pioneer in extracting natural gas from shale in the s and became a huge success.

After, selling the company, Marty and his brother, Rick got interested in the Oak Island situated in Canada. The brothers were fascinated with the island after they heard the famous theory of Oak Island having several hidden treasures.

With their curiosity on the mystery land, Marty with his brother obtained a controlling interest in Oak Island Tours, which reportedly owns most of the island. The brothers were later approached by Prometheus Entertainment to do a reality show. Later, they even became the executive producers of the show and starred while attempting to find the buried treasure of Oak Island. More to his accomplishments, Marty was interested in developing ways to grow grapes for wines using green energy and providing extra light and warmth through tunnels.

Not only that, but he also owns a large wind turbine company that is the largest in the state of Michigan. However, due to his business tactics and also abilities, Marty enriched his income with huge profits from the business. Marty Lagina is enjoying his blissful married life with his wife, Olivia Lagina. His wife completed her high school from Ewing High School and graduated from Rutgers.

However, the detail information about their wedding remains confined to the media. Marty's son, Alex followed the footstep of his father as he is already an engineer. Presently, he is a general manager at an Italy wine manufacturer, Villa Mari vineyard located in Michigan, owned by his own family. Though the information of Alex is available, not much about Marty's daughter, Maddie has surfaced out.

However, once his wife posted a picture of her daughter and Marty on 31 Augustwherein caption she mentioned her daughter's high school graduation. Nevertheless, she timely posts pictures of her family in her social media accounts.


Usually, his wife keeps her followers updated about her life. During his wife's birthday on 21 February, she posted a picture with her daughter on her Facebook account. The family of four supports each other wholeheartedly and spends most of the quality time together. Despite their busy schedule, no one fails to manage time for each other which makes their bond strong.Ever since he was little, he was fascinated by the story of Oak Island, located south of Nova Scotia. The Lagina brothers are becoming increasingly popular after five seasons of the hit reality show, and their fan base is expanding rapidly.

Before becoming a TV star, Marty was an oil engineer and had a successful business in the petroleum sphere. Nowadays, he is the owner of a company called Heritage Sustainablewhich has the goal of creating 60 sustainable energy wind turbines. Of course, there is no harm in using his engineering background to start eco-friendly businesses like Heritage Sustainable. Much like his brother Rick, Marty is a very private person, and very few details about his personal life have been disclosed.

Both Lagina brothers are extremely private, and they try to abstain from releasing personal information to the media. There have been no official reports on whether Rick has a wife or a girlfriend, and he prefers it that way. Many of his fans have tried to connect with him via social networks but to no success.

In fact, there is information that Rick does not even have social media accounts, so the same might be true for his brother Marty as well. Because of the secrecy both brothers stick to, their personal lives remain a mystery just as big as that of Oak Island itself. The TV show became an instant hit on the History Channel, and the best part is that Rick was actually fulfilling his childhood dream by participating and producing it. The show became successful because the brothers were very dedicated, recruiting professional experts to help them in their exploration of the island.

Throughout the series, the brothers tell the tale of the island, the mysteries surrounding the treasure, and of course mark possible places where the treasure could be hidden. The Lagina brothers have already completed five full seasons of the show, and as of latefans are awaiting the announcement of a sixth one.

There are numerous theories on what the actual curse on the island is, and if there is such a thing at all. However, during the filming of the show, there was an incident that might lead the public to believe the curse is actually true. One of the famous locations on the island is the Money Pit, which was one of the places where the treasure could be.

While filming one of the episodes of the show, Rick was mysteriously poisoned by a strange gas inside the Money Pit, and four crewmembers died while rescuing him from the scene. In Decemberan episode of the show revealed that a Lyme disease-carrying tick had bitten Rick Lagina.

Lyme disease is extremely dangerous and if not caught in time it is usually untreatable; symptoms for the disease vary from fatigue to inflammation of the brain and nervous system. Considering the fact that Nova Scotia Business Inc. With his rise to fame, Rick started building up a small fortune. Your email address will not be published.

Image source.By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Rick Lagina is a TV personality and former postal worker. He is American and belongs to the White-American ethnicity. Lagina became interested in the treasure of Oak Island when he was 11 years old.

Rick's brother Marty Laginais also a reality television personality and an engineer. Also Read : Rachel Maddow. It is based on solving the Oak Island mystery with the help of global experts and sophisticated technology. The acre island is located off of Nova Scotia in Canada. Lagina is only popular for his professional career and he has been building his public relations since his appearance in television reality series.

Even there were many rumors about his sexuality, but no evidence to prove that he is gay.

rick lagina wiki

Recommended : Pat Sajak. Home Biography Rick Lagina. Rick Lagina's Personal Life Lagina is only popular for his professional career and he has been building his public relations since his appearance in television reality series. Check out the five facts of Rick Lagina. Related biography. United States.He is an American nationality of White ethnicity. He has two siblings, his younger brother Marty and sister Matina. Marty is an engineer and wine business owner.

Rick Lagina is a retired post office deliveryman who has managed to grow such a huge net worth from TV production. The paragraphs that follow give details about this man, Rick Lagina including his net worth, and death rumors. Being a very private person, Rick has not revealed how much he makes from the show. He is the producer of The Curse of Oak Islandshow, and by principle, he should be getting a slice of the earnings.

Of course, he must be getting a share from this. Rick Lagina with his brother Marty Lagina. This company earns them a good amount of income from visiting tourists on the island. Rick Lagina started his career as a post office deliveryman. He worked in this job for several years before he retired. This is a show that showcases Rick and team hunting for treasures in Oak Island. From then on he began to nurture a dream to unravel the mystery in the acre land island in Novia Scotia, Canada.

Rick is a determined man who believes in achieving what he sets his eyes on. This spirit is what has seen him put in resources and effort with his brother, and a team of explorers to hunt the treasures from His entrepreneurial mind brought in the idea of showcasing this venture to the world through a reality TV show on History Channel from The show records an account of their progress in the treasure hunt.

The show has gained a massive following across the world due to its mystery of hunting unknown treasures. Rick has in the recent past been employing modern equipment and using experts to hunt for the treasures that they believe are hidden on this island. The two brothers are the producers of the show and have done an exemplary job to run it to its 5 th season currently showing.

Rick Lagina has managed to keep his personal life off the public eye.He just celebrated his 67th Birthday this January. A mystery which they urged to unravel since the age of 11 after reading an editorial.

As per the information available inRick Lagina is most possibly single. The star has never spoken about his life. Never candid or outspoken, he has also kept his marital life a deep secret as the guy is believed to be unmarried.

Oak Island Update ~ Huge Find Has Been Made!

In fact, he has never been photographed or spotted with any mysterious women to be triggered that he was in a relationship. Growing up in Dickinson County, his life was salubrious and congenial during childhood, having a brother Marty Lagina who would always accompany him.

He is an absolute charmer with a French beard that is enhanced by a piercing black eye and sweet smile. Just like a fine wine, Rick is only getting better with age. The Curse of Oak Island star is rebelling time with his glowing visage and charm which just seems to enhance with each passing days. Even at his mids, Rick exudes glamour and trademark sophistication which is quite tough for any contemporary reality stars to surpass.

Being an avid traveler, he is forever walking the thick bushes and trees of Oak Island in search of treasures along with his brother Marty.

rick lagina wiki

But when not filming the Island for their reality show, Rick is enjoying his time with close friends and companions of the show.

Since the premiere of the show inRick and his brother Mary has been starring in the show perennially looking for the valuable treasures and historical artifacts in the island. Rick has predominantly hoarded his fortunes through History Channel series, where he is filmed looking for buried treasures. Having continuously worked on the island aiming to find the hidden treasures, his fortune comes to prove his hard works and dedication towards the work.

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